Researcher in Profile: Frederic Dimanche

Where are you from and where/what did you study? Originally from France, I first studied sports management before going to the USA to study tourism marketing at the University of Oregon.

Why did you choose tourism and hospitality and why TRSM? I have been studying tourism for 30 years. Not sure I remember why, but I have been enjoying it all the way! This field of study took me from Oregon to New Orleans, the French Riviera, and I am now in another growing urban destination! Only nice places to live in and visit!

How did you become a researcher? It took a mentor (actually two mentors) at the University of Oregon to encourage me to learn more, ask questions, and find answers.

Why is research in hospitality and tourism important? Research is important in any sector. Tourism and hospitality, because of the significance of their economic, environmental, and social impacts need to be better understood.

What are you researching right now? I work on a number of projects. First, I study destination competitiveness as a follow-up to an EU-funded research grant about tourism in Russia. Second, I continue to work on service design in tourism services. Third, I started to work with Ryerson colleagues on those two topics: (1) the impacts of virtual reality as a marketing tool, and (2) the impact of immigration on tourism.

What do you think is the most controversial topic in hospitality and tourism right now? The most important topic, if not a controversial one, is about the sustainability of tourism and its development. This is an all-encompassing topic that addresses all others areas of research.

What does the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Research mean to you? The Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Research is an essential part of the School of HTM. Under the leadership of Dr Dodds, it facilitates and promotes faculty research activities, it contributes to providing active learning opportunities for our students, and finally, it acts as a research partner for government and industry stakeholders.

How can you get students engaged in hospitality and tourism research? We provide a number of research opportunities through class projects as well as through grants that professors are getting. But more than with projects, it starts with an attitude: We encourage students to be critical and to question the status quo.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering a career in research, what would it be? Researchers have inquisitive minds; they ask questions and they want to find answers. To get into and succeed in research, you must keep an open mind, ask questions, and use methodologies in a systematic way. Answers will come.

What are your major interests outside of HTM Research? My main work interest is to see the School of HTM at Ryerson grow and get recognized for the excellent work that is being done here. I get satisfaction by seeing faculty and students having fun, getting challenged, and getting better at what they do.

Contact Information

575 Bay Street (entrance at 55 Dundas Street West)
Room: TRS 3-175, 9th floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2C3

Mailing Address:
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3