Katherine Lo

Why did you choose tourism and hospitality and why TRSM?
I have always had a passion for travel and wanted to be a part of creating amazing travel experiences. I chose TRSM because of its amazing location and that it can offer its HTM students a Bachelor of Commerce.

How did you become a student researcher at HTMResearch?
I saw there was a summer Research Assistant position open where a student would work with Professor Gibbs conducting research on Airbnb hosts, specifically how they learn. This seemed like a great opportunity because it was a topic I was already interested in and had done some research for in one of my courses, and I had previously worked with Professor Gibbs for HTMentoring. So I applied, made a research plan and here I am!

What studies have you worked on and what are you researching right now?

I work as a Research Assistant for Dr. Chris Gibbs. My main focus this summer is a study on the learning experience of Airbnb hosts using qualitative analysis. In addition to this study, I am also working on studies focused around destination marketing. These studies analyze technology within this field, looking at the potential benefit of video games within tourism and the effectiveness of YouTube videos as a marketing tool.


What do you enjoy most about conducting research?
I love how much you get to learn in the process. It’s great being able to learn more about the sharing economy, since it’s effects on the hospitality and tourism industry are really growing. I also enjoy that this gives me the opportunity to develop and diversify my professional skill set.

What does the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Research mean to you?
It’s an incredible hub for growth. Everyone is very supportive and curious, it’s a really rewarding experience to be a part of this little community.

If you could give one piece of advice to students who are interested in conducting research at HTMResearch, what would it be?
Do it!!!

What are your major interests outside of HTMResearch?
Travel, film, and food. If I have spare time, you can safely assume I’m spending it trying to find the best ice cream in the city.

Contact Information

575 Bay Street (entrance at 55 Dundas Street West)
Room: TRS 3-175, 9th floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2C3

Mailing Address:
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3