Researcher in profile: Anita Man

Why did you choose tourism and hospitality and why TRSM?
Studying and working in tourism was what interested me most. I liked that the campus was in Toronto, so I could live and study downtown. I searched for the best Bachelor’s program for tourism in Canada and found Ryerson. There’s no better place to study tourism than in the heart of one of the country’s biggest tourism hubs!

How did you become a student researcher at HTMResearch?
The first gig I got was through emailing Dr. Rachel Dodds about opportunities to gain more experience that was relevant to my career interests. For my current project, I found out about it on the research institute’s Facebook page and applied.

What studies have you worked on and what are you researching right now?

I’ve been working with Dr. Rachel Dodds. Over the summer, I helped out at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, educating festival attendees about the green initiatives happening at the festival. I recently completed a project with Parks Canada, where I conducted research connected to marketing Rouge National Urban Park. My job was to study demographic profiles in neighborhoods and festivals and events in the Greater Toronto Area, along with engagement techniques, all of which will aid Parks Canada in marketing the park and increasing visitation and usage.

What do you enjoy most about conducting research?
I get to work with industry partners to gain more experience that is relevant to my career interests. I also get to apply some of the skills that I developed through my studies.

What does the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Research mean to you? That my program is at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry and giving students the opportunity to participate in that.

If you could give one piece of advice to students who are interested in conducting research at HTMResearch, what would it be?
Add HTMResearch on Facebook and keep an eye out for job postings!

What are your major interests outside of HTMResearch?
Anything related to sustainability, particularly sustainable tourism development, conservation, and animal welfare.

Contact Information

575 Bay Street (entrance at 55 Dundas Street West)
Room: TRS 3-175, 9th floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2C3

Mailing Address:
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3