Researcher in profile: Sylvie Harper

Why did you choose tourism and hospitality and why TRSM?
I wanted to combine my passion of travel with an educational background so that I could turn my passion into my career! I chose TRSM because where better to study hospitality and tourism than the biggest city in Canada with such a vibrant hospitality and tourism scene. TRSM’s industry focus and hands on learning really encouraged me to choose the hospitality and tourism program, and I am so glad I did.

How did you become a student researcher at HTMResearch?
I went on a trip to Cuba through a course run by Professor Dodds. It really ignited my interest in the sustainable tourism field, and following the trip I was looking for more ways to get involved within the program. I heard about some of the awesome studies that HTM researchers were working on and decided to apply for a position!

What studies have you worked on and what are you researching right now?

I am currently working on a study surrounding sustainability efforts at festivals in Canada. Not only do I get to learn all about sustainability and improve my writing, but I also get to attend a music festival as a part of my research.

What does the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Research mean to you?
The institute has provided so many opportunities to me in regards to making connections with professors and other students. It has also allowed me to explore my passions within the industry and really help me choose which direction I want to go with my career. I am very grateful for my time in the institute.

If you could give one piece of advice to students who are interested in conducting research at HTMResearch, what would it be?
Talk to your professors, find out what interests you, and go for it!

What are your major interests outside of HTMResearch?
I love restaurants! I am a major foodie in Toronto. There are so many amazing restaurants and bars all over the city, and I love to explore them and try new things.

What do you enjoy most about conducting research?
I enjoy exploring a topic so thoroughly to broaden my knowledge and understanding. I also enjoy being able to discuss research with others in the institute; the opportunity to learn from one another has been extremely valuable.

Contact Information

575 Bay Street (entrance at 55 Dundas Street West)
Room: TRS 3-175, 9th floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2C3

Mailing Address:
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3