Researcher in Profile: Joshua Arredondo

Where are you from and where/what did you study? I am originally from Mexico. I am an alumni of the Hospitality and Tourism Management programme, class of 2010. I also did a certificate in project management at the University of Toronto.

How did you become a student researcher at HTMResearch? Research was evidently a component of a lot of the courses at Ryerson. I became a researcher because I was interested in the topics explored by Dr. Dodds and Dr. Graci (I had the privilege of working for both of them in different projects).

What did you enjoy most about conducting research? I admire the ability of research to drive change, to educate, and to inform. I thrive in analytics and conducting research allowed me to expand my skills in that area. I also enjoyed presenting my thesis at a Sustainable Tourism conference in Spain. Dr. Dodds expanded on our research with another scholar and it ended up being published on a journal. That was quite the experience.

What does the Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Research mean to you? It means a space where I could dialogue and enrich my educational path, where I could share my interests with others.

What are you doing right now? I work for Expedia in our digital media division as a Senior Account Executive for the Caribbean and South American markets. Selling advertising products and managing accounts for partners in those regions.

How does having a research background help with what you are doing? It helped me to become more structured, organized, driven, goal-oriented. Also, to become more factual and to test my theories through numbers. I use research on a daily basis. Researching opened up an appetite and thirst for knowledge, which I still have every day and it helps me be a high performer and strategic thinker.

What studies have you worked on at HTMRsearch? I worked on Dr. Graci’s Aboriginal Ecotourism in Ontario, also, I worked with Dr. Dodds and Dr. Graci through The Icarus Foundation in greening Pride Festival. My co-authored thesis was on the Carbon Offsetting market in North America and the buy-in from the hospitality and tourism industry is also something worth highlighting.

If you could give one piece of advice to students who are interested in conducting research at HTMResearch, what would it be? I think time management is something very critical. This was an issue for me because our program is very intensive (6 courses/semester) this will be soon removed. We were lucky as undergrad students to have been given the opportunity to be research assistants. I think this is something to leverage and identify how to use it for your future. It’s important to realize that it is a privilege (usually only PhD and grad students are considered for RA positions).

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