Social Media Use in Festival and Daily Life Contexts

About the Project

The purpose of this research was to explore patterns of social media and mobile device use in daily life and a festival setting, adding to understanding of social media use in everyday life domains and specific tourism contexts.

Data collection was an on-site intercept survey of Buskerfest attendees. For each of the four days the festival took place, four researchers conducted approximately 90 researcher administered online questionnaires per day, for a total of 357 responses. A series of questions on how often attendees used their mobile device for different purposes while at the festival and in daily life were analyzed and compared.

About the Researcher

Dr. Kelly Mackay is the Co PI and a Professor at Ryerson University. Dr. Christine Van Winkle is the PI), Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny, is also a Co PI and from the University of Alberta. This project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

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