Willingness To Pay for Sustainable Festival Apparel

About the Project

Apparel and the attributes they portray have an opportunity to influence the willingness to pay (WTP) of those who purchase them. While there have been a number of studies examining willingness to pay few examine purchases in a festival setting.

Data was collected from 427 attendees at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Ontario, Canada in 2015. WTP was measured using a Contingent Valuation Methodology (CVM). The study instrument applied a repeated measures methodology in which subjects were asked to indicate what they would pay for a concert t-shirt at the festival under all four conditions (environmental message vs. no environmental message x fair trade certification vs. no fair trade certification).

About the Researcher

Rachel Dodds is a Professor at Ryerson University and her research focuses on sustainable tourism, marketing, festivals, islands and corporate responsibility. Wayne Smith and Robert Pitts are both academics at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, USA.

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